Top 5 reasons to take summer classes

April 13, 2023

Baylor offers options for students who are currently finishing their sophomore and junior years in high school, along with a program for incoming college freshmen. Here are the top five reasons you should consider taking summer classes at Baylor University:

  1. Reduced Tuition Cost:

    • Courses in our Accelerate program—for sophomores and juniors—are $750 per credit hour. This will save you about $1300 per hour!

    • Summer of Discovery—for incoming freshmen and current Baylor Students—costs between $795 and $1518, depending on how many credit hours you take. The more classes you sign up for, the greater the discount will be! This means that you could save up to $1490 per semester hour.

  2. Experience:

    • Taking courses at Baylor while you’re still in high school or before you begin college in the fall will give you a headstart on adjusting to college-level courses before your peers. You will also be able to complete core classes, so once you begin your college career you can focus on the subjects that matter to you.

  3. Online classes:

    • Baylor’s summer courses are offered online, so you can complete them wherever you are. Baylor also offers both synchronous and asynchronous classes, so you can choose whichever environment suits you and your schedule best.

  4. Courses are taught by Baylor faculty:

    • All summer classes are taught by Baylor faculty who care about your success. Though classes are online, professors are communicative and interactive. You will be encouraged to work with others and get to know your peers.

  5. Maximize:

    • Whether you want to snag an additional minor or certification or simply want to graduate early so you can begin your post-college career, our pre-college courses offer you the choice and ability to get you where you need to go…quicker.

Taking summer courses at Baylor will be an invaluable experience during your college journey. Learn more about Accelerate and Summer of Discovery now!