The Baylor Promise

December 13, 2023

When you’re looking for the right university for you, the value of the investment you’re making is an important consideration. The value of a Baylor education goes far beyond the tuition you pay; it’s found in the exceptional experiences, academic preparation and deep connections that help shape you for your future.

The Baylor Promise is this: You will have countless opportunities to enrich your college education, both inside and outside the classroom. From undergraduate research alongside your faculty and opportunities to develop leadership skills (both as early as freshman year), to resources for well-being, fitness and recreation, specialty programs, career services, academic coaching and free athletic tickets, the value of your Baylor experience lasts a lifetime. It’s a promise that’s recognized far beyond campus: Time Magazine recognized Baylor as a Best College for Future Leaders.

At Baylor, we incorporate high-impact practices (HIPs) into every academic area. These practices have been proven to provide significant educational benefits for students who participate in them. HIPs are woven into the Baylor curricula, and by the time you graduate, you will have participated in at least two, if not more.

High-impact practices at Baylor include:

• Capstone Courses & Projects

• Collaborative Assignments & Projects

• Common Intellectual Experiences

• Diversity/Global Learning

• First-Year Seminars & Experiences

• Internships

• Learning Communities

• Service Learning, Community-Based Learning

• Undergraduate Research

• Writing-Intensive Courses

Learn more about the tremendous value of a Baylor education and the Baylor Promise here.