A Passion for Justice; An Unexpected Path to Baylor

September 7, 2023
Bruffet holding Baylor line jersey

U.S. News and World Report cites the Department of Education’s tally of colleges and universities at nearly 4,000 with substantially more worldwide. Given the number of higher education options available to prospective students, it speaks volumes to the Baylor experience that some of the most talented and academically qualified students choose to become Baylor Bears. Hear from students who bring achievement, passion and purpose to the student body this year:

Everett Bruffett

Political Science/Pre-Law
Little Rock, Arkansas

Pulaski Academy graduate Everett Bruffett spent most of his life thinking he was going to be a doctor. Bruffett comes from a family of doctors and soon-to-be doctors. His dad, Wayne Bruffett, B.S. ’87, M.C.G. ’88, is a surgeon, his older sister is in medical school, and his older brother is currently on the pre-med track as an undergraduate.

“My family is full of people in the medical field, and that’s what I thought I wanted to do,” Bruffett says. “As I grew older and as I got more interested in social science courses and more discussion-heavy curriculum, I really started to dive into ethics, philosophy, and pursuing justice and fairness and equality.”

During his junior year of high school, Bruffett took an honors International Politics class that sparked his interest in global issues and set him on an unexpected path.

“The skills I acquired through that class helped me analyze issues that we face within this country. And my senior year, I wrote an approximately 75-page thesis project on the dangers of white power extremism within the United States, which further ignited my desire to seek justice,” he says.

That passion for justice led to Bruffett not only pivoting from the idea of a medical profession but choosing to attend Baylor over the University of Arkansas, where all three of his older siblings attended.

“My dad always kind of told me it’s like a prophecy and I was destined to go to Baylor, but I wanted my college choice to be different from my siblings and my dad. But the thing was, the more I researched Baylor and the more I prayed about it, the more I was drawn to it,” he says.

With his interest in Baylor piqued, Bruffett attended the Baylor2Baylor Pre-law Program, a competitive experience designed for high-achieving students with an interest in attending law school. As a senior in high school he was able to engage with department faculty, experience a mock Baylor Law class and hear from “Double-Bears” — students who attended both Baylor University and Baylor Law, solidifying his choice to pursue the law as a vocation and Baylor as his school.

“I love that the law allows for all voices to be heard, and I believe that the justice system must establish equality by upholding ideals within the U.S. Constitution. Baylor’s stellar pre-law program is what attracted me to the University, in addition to its nationally ranked Law School. I believe that my education here is vital as I strive toward a law degree,” Bruffett says.

Coming from an academically rigorous high school, Bruffet is undeterred by the demands of the pre-law track at Baylor. In fact, it was the high-caliber academics that finally sold him on the idea of becoming a Baylor Bear.

“A fantastic pre-law program, incredible academics, great Christian community and loving people — these influences were undeniable. It’s been a great experience thus far!”